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Tropical Leaves


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grounds fee


  • 23 acre grounds

  • access from 11am-11pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday

  • English garden

  • Cutting garden

  • Magnolia garden

  • patio

  • barn 1200 sqft. 

  • 100 chairs

  • 16 round tables (each sit 8 guests)

  • 4 six-foot long tables

  • maximum 150 guests (75 cars) or shuttle 

  • bathrooms

Main House

$800 / 4 hrs

Includes access to the Main House, Kitchen, Drawing room and bathrooms. Can accommodate up to 20 people. Offered to corporate events only.

Bridal Suite

$500 / 8 hrs.

Gives you an intimate space for all the moments preceding your ceremony - time to connect with your bridesmaids, quiet space to enjoy written notes from your fiancé, and share "first look" moments with your parents and your groom.

Pub Room

$500 / 8 hrs.

The Pub Room is a sanctuary within the Main House that offers comfortable sofa and seating for catching one last breath before your ceremony / event begins.

Portraits / Styled Shoots


Portraits are a visual representation of your special moment - the first mile marker on your wedding plan journey commemorating the special love you share.



Looking for a charming 1800s getaway? Our guesthouse offers just that! Originally built as the kitchen for the main house's residents, this cozy space is perfect for 2 guests. Experience the historic charm of the past while enjoying modern amenities. Limited availability. 

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